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Infectious Diseases

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Preventative Cleaning & Disinfection

Many of our clients have inquired about C&C’s response and services related to the well-known pandemic SARS-Cov2 that can develop into the more commonly known COVID-19. C&C Complete Services, will continue to provide our services of water damage extraction and mitigation, as well as mold remediation, bio-hazard recovery, and fire and smoke clean-up. We will do these tasks while protecting our workers using the WHO, CDC, and EPA recommended guidelines of social (physical) distancing and donning proper protective equipment, commonly known as PPE.

In addition, C&C Complete will be offering infection control to clean and apply disinfectants to properties. Both cleaning and disinfecting methods will be performed at varying levels of service.

Service Level 1 – Preventative Cleaning and Application of Disinfection

This would be applied to properties that have no suspected or known pathogens and are looking for preventative measures prior to occupying or reoccupying a property.  This is more commonly referred to as “peace of mind” cleaning. This process includes light touch point cleaning and application of a disinfectant utilizing state of the art, electrostatic misting technology.

Service Level 2 – Suspected Case Cleaning and Application of Disinfection

This level of service applies to properties in which it is suspected to have the presence of a pathogen; however, the source of the pathogen’s presence is unknown. C&C will perform moderate touch point cleaning methods and apply a disinfectant utilizing state of the art, electrostatic misting technology that remains wet on the surface for a longer period.

Service Level 3 – Active Case Cleaning and Application of Disinfection

Finally, this last level of service would be applied to properties where a pathogen is known to be present.  C&C will perform heavy and extensive touch point cleaning and, once again, apply a disinfectant utilizing state of the art electrostatic misting technology that remains wet on the surface for an extensive period.

Is Your Janitorial Contractor Properly Trained To Use PPE For Infectious Diseases?

The CDC recommends before anyone handles areas that are affected or suspect they must receive comprehensive training on when and what type of PPE is necessary. How to don (put on) and doff (take off) the PPE correctly; its limitations; proper care maintenance of and disposal. The last step of doffing is critical to avoid cross contamination from building to building. Lastly, they should demonstrate in performing appropriate infection control practices and procedures. In our experience, parking attendants, janitorial contractors, delivery staff have carried it into buildings. This is unfortunately leading to COVID-19 affected employees, and cross contamination of properties. We are currently assisting with full sanitization in preparation before tenants return to their offices. Our environmental team is led by our own CIE (Certified Indoor Environmentalist). We have written respiratory plans; PPE: N-95 respirators, full face respirators; disposable full body Permeable & Non-Permeable coveralls; Respirator fit tests, training and medical records on file. In addition, we have EPA registered cleaning products, the latest Electrostatic Sprayers for use per building guidelines, SOP’s for COVID-19 disinfection, jobsite (employee illness) SOP’s, and we follow State, Local, EPA, OHSA, NIOSH and AIHA guidelines. C&C is a comprehensive COVID-19 restoration cleaning contractor.

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Please reference the below websites for further information and guidance:

  1. https://www.cdc.gov/hicpac/index.html
  2. https://www.cdc.gov/coronavirus/2019-ncov/index.html

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