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Drying out a structure with water damage
Emergency Services

Complete Emergency Response Service

C&C is fully certified to manage the aftermath of disasters and completely restore your property. We’ll fully assess the damage to make sure you get the maximum return from your insurance, with no hidden surprises later.

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Water Damage

Minimize business downtime & tenant disruption with immediate water damage cleanup.Learn More
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Applied Structural Drying

Drying versus demolition and reconstruction saves you time and money. Learn More
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Fire and Smoke

Protect, clean, salvage, and manage property management’s loss in the aftermath of a fire.Learn More
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Mold Remediation

Protect your assets from the dangers of hidden mold.Learn More
Infectious disease icon

Infectious Diseases

Clean your property with varying levels of disinfecting services.Learn More
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Biohazard Cleanup

Remove dangerous residue and contaminants from a crime or accident scene.Learn More
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Protect your property from additional damage by wind, rain, or theft.Learn More

Equipment We Use

Disaster Restoration Equipment

To help your property completely recover from any disaster or emergency, the C&C team uses equipment designed specifically for the job at hand. Our emergency response trucks come packed with generators, plywood, tarps, specialized drying equipment, and any other equipment we need to deal with your emergency. Learn how our tried and tested equipment helps you recover from and prevent damage.

Inspection & Monitoring Tools

Advanced inspection tools allow us to determine the location and level of moisture, while our leading-edge monitoring tools let us keep track of the entire drying process.

Air Movers

Our air movers mitigate water damage by quickly drying surfaces like carpet, drywall, hardwood flooring, upholstery, or anything else. We set up our air movers to get the best results fast, reducing the chances of mold growth and helping your business recover quickly.


We use one of three different types of dehumidifiers, based on the level of water damage at your property. Our dehumidifiers are highly efficient at removing moisture, working with our air movers and extractors to complete the drying system.


Our top-of-the-line extraction tools speed up the drying process by directly removing water from affected areas of your property. Extractors work alongside our air movers and dehumidifiers to eliminate water damage faster.

Air Filtration Devices

Also known as air scrubbers and HEPA units, these devices are critical when drying structures with known contaminants. We use high-end air filtration devices that keep your air clean and your property safe.

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