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Our Satisfied Customers

I have been managing One National Harbor Condominium for four years now, which is the same amount of time I have worked with C&C Complete. I had a water loss claim in my first 15 days on the job and I could not have asked for a better group then C&C to work with.

In a highly stressful situation, dealing with any type of loss, the C&C team comes in and saves the day! Not only do they come in with the quick acting service, but their calm demeanor, friendliness and professionalism puts everyone at ease…even when water is gushing out from a pipe.

The consistency of their service and care (from the onsite crew to the Backoffice team) is the reason I only call them when we need mitigation and/or repairs services. It is hard to find this level of service and when you find it you cherish it.

In January 2023, I had the biggest water loss claim yet, that affected 47 Units out of 242, 2 elevators out of 4, and 5 retail stores. They had all hands on deck in less than 2 hours with a mitigation crew of at least 20 people. I always tease them that the crew must live at the Harbor because everyone gets there so fast!

Everything is managed like a well-oiled machine and a couple of days later the repairs estimator (Ray W.), the emergency assistant director (Phil K.) and my account manager (Shelby B.) were all onsite giving support including moral support for the loss.

Thank you, C&C, I certainly appreciate our long-lasting partnership in supporting the community here!

Vivian H. - General Manager
One National Harbor Condominium

C&C Complete Services was referred to me by another satisfied customer. I am so pleased to have gotten that original referral. Their professionalism, attention to detail, excellent customer service and integrity is unmatched in the industry. They have been established as our preferred service provider and incorporated into our standard operating procedures for loss prevention. When bad things happen, you need a reliable source for assistance. C&C Complete Services is that source.

Amanda K - L’Enfant Plaza
Washington, DC


Highest compliments to your team that responded to our flood last week! They were efficient, hardworking and left our walls very well prepped for follow up by our drywall contractor. The straight drywall cuts and clean conditions left by your team greatly reduced the time needed for final restoration drywall work.

Thanks again for getting your team out here to help during such a high demand area event, working overnight and getting our office back to a mostly usable space by the next business day.

Again, please let your team know how pleased we are with the great job they did!

Jason, RPA - Senior Property Manager

All of the projects you completed were done to perfection and the suites look just like they did (if not better) than when the emergency occurred! You are a true representation of how a professional should act and operate, and I can’t thank you enough for all that you’ve done for us. Both I and my assistant, Julie, look forward to working with you in the future! You’re awesome! C&C is extremely lucky to have you.

Jamie - Senior Manager

Good morning Bill,

We are so pleased that C&C Complete was able to meet the deadline they promised at Vida Senior Residence. From the minute Ray was called around midnight on January 13th when an apartment fire caused water damage to 17 apartments at this senior living facility, up to today, C&C has been with us fighting for the finish line as if getting these folks back into their homes was as much their priority as it was ours.

This was not the largest job you have ever done for us, but it may have had more hurdles, with all the DCRA inspections throughout. Your staff acted professionally; was very responsive to our needs; and kept very open communication with our site manager, Harrison — this was invaluable when he had multiple people to keep informed on a daily basis.

In my experience, this job could have easily been a six-month remediation and rebuild effort, but with your guidance and your excellent team, you were able to get our residents back home within 90 days!

All of my fellow regional managers are copied on this email with my recommendation that C&C be on of their speed dials for any property remediation and rebuild emergencies.

With sincere thanks,

Patty, RPA, CDPM, CMCA, AMS - Regional Property Manager
Bethesda, MD

Hi Bill,

I just wanted to let you know that I called C&C out this past Saturday to respond to a flood at 201 12th Street. I was there for most of the day with the team, and I wanted to let you know how impressed I was with their service. They were very prepared and diligent. Omar was my main point of contact, and he has been very communicative throughout the process. The entire team did a great job!


Rachel, RPA - Property Manager
Arlington, VA

Hi Brittany, Ray and Bill

Thanks for another tremendous response for one of my wet emergencies.

Rene and his group did a great job — very professionally-left not a trace of evidence.

Before you send the invoice, may I have a summary of actions taken by Rene and his crew? Especially, if any treatment was applied to the walls before the holes were closed and the base was reattached.

Thank you again.

Al Jr., RPA - Property Manager

Dear Bill,

I just wanted to share my experiences since working exclusively with C&C restoration. Since my days as Director of Maintenance for a few companies I have always enjoyed the great "Superior Customer Service" that this company gives to their clients and the companies I represent. Their techs are very knowledgeable and ready and able to speak with me so I can inform our residents and stakeholders in case of any emergency that may arise. Sometimes it's difficult to share with our stakeholders the ideal that an unfortunate leak had taken place in their homes and we will need a restoration company to come in and access their damages and make repairs but C&C makes this such a smooth process.

It's so refreshing that we are able to reach out directly to our Account Manager and know that the process will go smoothly and all our worries will be taken care of from the time we get the call until total completion. She is very efficient and detail-oriented so along with her organization skills this allows us as a management company to work well with our residents here at Oculus Realty.

I personally love and enjoy working with this company and the process they have in place is a testament to Bill and Mike that this company is ran efficiently for its customers. I recommend that if you are looking for a restoration company that's efficient, performs great work and provides "Superior Customer Service" to its customers well look no further as C&C Complete Services is the company for you.

Joe - Director of Maintenance

Hello Todd,

I wanted to send you an email to thank you for helping me throughout the entire ordeal with the condo and damages. I also wanted to send you a note letting you know how happy I was with C&C Complete Services. They were so professional, nice, worked hard, answered all my questions, did extra work I wanted completed (not through insurance) and were in constant communication. They went above and beyond and were a pleasure to work with. Their service was outstanding. Ray, John and their team were just absolutely amazing. My condo looks beautiful. Not only am I happy we (the condo association) has a contract with them but, I will recommend them to my friends because that is how wonderful they were. Again, thank you to everyone who worked tirelessly. Todd, you were also amazing during such a hectic time and I also appreciate you being patient with me when I freaked out in the beginning and always staying calm and keeping your professionalism.

Warmest regards,

Dara - Condo Owner

Good Morning Bill,

I want to you let you know how grateful and pleased (truly an understatement) I am at the quick response and outstanding reaction of C&C’s team. What started out as a nightmare, ended up unbelievably good. Everyone was so efficient and really nice also. I can imagine that you all have seen much worse, but this is my second home – I have done all the decorating and spend a lot of time with the plants, artwork, keeping it spotless, and take pride in it. The space is less than two years old and all I could see was all my finishes being ruined. Your team really did an outstanding job and I thank you for your quick and efficient work. Please know that you can use me as a reference at any time, and if I can find a place on the internet to review C&C, I will certainly give you glowing recommendations.

Thank you for stopping my nightmare!!

Cindy B - Supervisor, Office Services

As a commercial property manager in Washington, DC, C&C is my go-to for all remediation services. I've been a repeat customer for over 10 years now. Over the years, they have helped with water damage, mold remediation, emergency board up for broken windows, etc. C&C's response time is excellent - no matter the day of the week, or time of the day, they have always been able to get a team onsite within an hour (often times within minutes). They also provide detailed progress/completion reports, which makes reporting to ownership/filing insurance claims much easier. Excellent customer service and quick response. Highly recommended.

Jessica E.

This company has been Beyond phenomenal. From the moment they arrived on the scene, they assessed the situation and started to remove the soaked carpets and padding and moved in a dozen dryer units and huge humidifiers were faster than you could imagine. They estimated that it would take 3-5 days. And it took 4. We cannot thank the team enough. Thank you all...Jose, Jonathan, Alex and Julio. Very, very professional and on the ball. Even in a stressful situation they made it as calm for us as possible. Very grateful.

Sandy M. and Deborah R.
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